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User Registration To access to the SPIS software, data and other tools of the SPINE community, a user registration to the SPINE community is mandatory.

Please follow the link SPINE Community registration form. Take care that only registrations done through this form will be valid on this platform.

If you have already an account, please go to the Login page.

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Spacecraft Plasma Interactions Network
in Europe (SPINE)

The objective of this network is to share resources and to co-ordinate efforts in all domains related to the interaction of Spacecraft with the space plasma, including spacecraft charging. The creation of this network and its primary objectives have been decided during a Round Table held on 24-2-2000 at ESTEC. The aim of the SPINE Web site is to become an advanced platform for information exchange and collaborative work, a kind of Virtual Laboratory dedicated to studies of spacecraft-plasma interactions. Please use the SPINE Community’s Virtual Lab to share and exchange knowledge, data, results and tools related to spacecraft-plasma interactions.

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  • Server back
Dear SPINE members and colleagues,

Due to a sever hardware failure on the raid system, the SPINE server has been perturbed these last days. The problem has been solved by the replacement of the defaulting disks.

The service should back to the normal now.

With our apologies for the disturbance,

The Artenum team.

Other links

It is provided with a detailed documentation (User and Developer) and new example project in order to facilitate its use and reduce the learning curve. Please see the SPINE’s collaborative platform ( and the relative forums ( For access to the software, please see the download area.

The SPINE Community’s Virtual Lab hosts:

The present platform, or SPINE Community’s Virtual Lab, gathers a structured set of modeling tools, data and informations related to the modelling and the analysis of spacecraft-plasma interaction and spacecraft charging processes. This includes for instance: SPIS' initial development has been funded by ESA R&D TRP programme and is freely available under GPL licence.
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