New! SPIS 3.6 released !


New! SPIS 3.6 released !

Dear Colleagues, dear SPINE members,

After several months of improvement and evolutions, the SPIS team has the great pleasure to announce you the public release of the new 3.6 version of the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction System (SPIS). SPIS 3.6 includes several modules fully re-written, like the Main Gui Interface and mesh libraries.

With respect the previous stable version (3.1), this version presents several deep improvements:

  • Several new and improved numerical sub-routines;
  • Improved performances of the numerical kernel;
  • Improved validation of numerical sub-routines;
  • Extended data output from the numerical kernel;
  • Improved mesh capability with up to 1.2 106 mesh elements by Gb of memory
  • Improved performances of data structure conversions (pre and
  • Improved 2D post-processing module
  • Improved 3D post-processing module, with Cassandra 2.2 and
  • Improved CAD modelling capability
  • Improved GUI and script based control capability
  • Improved project based data saving capability
  • Better User Interface
SPIS 3.6 is provided with a detailed documentation (User and Developer) in order to facilitate its use and reduce the learning curve. Please see the SPINE’s collaborative platform ( and the relative forums (

For access to the software, please see the download area.

Merry Christmas and best regards,

The SPIS team (ONERA & Artenum)

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