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posted by Pablo Promenzio at Sep 22, 2011 3:02 PM

i want to simulate the situation when the spacecraft enter in the aurora and go out… i mean i want to have data that justified this situation. i think that the spacecraft will be charged in the auroral and then when it goes out, it will discharge rapidly through photo electron emission. In eclipse, probably almost no discharge will occur....

In the configuration i set up in the global of plasma, the electron population 1 with the parameters of aurora (hot) and in the electron population 2 the parameters of a leo environment (cold). For the ions i set up it to 0 in both population. i don´t know what i have to put in the linear poisson...????żżż

But the simulation doens't work. That is it ok? What you recommend me??


electron population1: 7.7 e6 23000 (EV) population2: 3.55 e9 0.2 (EV)

ions population1:0 population2:0

linear poisson= 0 or 1 ??

Best regards,