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posted by abul anuar at Nov 1, 2009 9:45 PM
I run spis with a simple cad and everything is allright until i tried to convert the UI to Num. I got the following error message

>>>>>> BEGIN TASK EXCEPTION HANDLING Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 127, in run self.run_task() File "", line 82, in run_task Interface.MapDFOnVolMesh() File "", line 123, in MapDFOnVolMesh s.applyAllDF(s.spisNumMesh.getVolumeMesh() , datafieldList) File "", line 238, in applyAllDF s.applyDF(currentMesh.getDataFromType(currentDatafield.Name,currentDatafield.Type), mappingIdIndex! currentMappingDim !, currentDatafield, currentMeshField) File "", line 245, in applyDF spisNumParamTable] = copy(dataField.ValueList! i !) IndexError: index out of range: 46183 >>>>>> END TASK EXCEPTION HANDLING task SpisNumInterface just terminate

can anyone tell me which part of the process is the error? I noticed the mesh error but everything was fine when i do the meshing. pls help, thanks. abul