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Loading Plasma pot data field
Hi, can anyone shed some light on the following problems
  1. i'm getting the "impossible to load plasma pot" messages when trying to load a saved project. Thus, when i look at the data field manager, the tab where you usually find the data on plasma volume is not available. Is this a norm? How do you make sure that the data is available for future post-processing without having to rerun the simulation?
2. i often get the "index out of range" error when converting an object in Ui to Num. In my previous post, i list the error message that i got and i notice that it had something to do with the mesh mapping. Everything is fine before the conversion, i.e. meshing, grouping, mapping, as i don't see any error or exception raised. Does anyone has any idea why this error happens and ways to avoid it?

Thanks, abul

posted by abul anuar at Nov 10, 2009 8:35 PM