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RE : Source particles

this one is a tough one to answer!

To keep it simple:

During each simulationDt you make plasmaDt/plasmaDuration cycles on the plasma.

During each PlasmaDt you make sourceDt/sourceDuration cycles on the source particle motion.

During each sourceDt you inject a given number of particle, that is controled by the value of sourceFlag

The time of residence (in simulation cycle) of each particle in the domain is then ~ Domain_size/V_part/sourceDuration*plasmaDuration/plasmaDt

The number of particle in the simulation domain is then about Domain_size/V_part/sourceDt*plasmaDuration/plasmaDt*sourceFlag

Then there is a hierarchy that is enforced between time steps: SimulationDT>PlasmaDuration>PlasmaDt>SourceDuration>SourceDt...

I hope you get the idea...

Best Regards,


posted by Sébastien Hess at Dec 19, 2018 3:47 PM