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posted by Jean-Francois Roussel at Mar 2, 2007 6:21 PM
It looks strange, it should work.

I can suggest you try starting from an example in the Data directory (e.g. DataValidationTesttest3_sphere_low_resol, where you'll need to increase duration (and maybe plasmaSpeedUp to reduce CPU time), then maybe improve statistics with more particles, switch to Boltzmann electrons...)


posted by Torbjorn Sundberg at Feb 19, 2007 1:07 PM
Hello SPINE!

I've been doing some test runs with the new SPIS version (3.6). I like the software but I've run into some problems that I need some help sorting out:

My initial tests have been to simulate a langmuir probe and to compare the SPIS value of I and V to my analytical values. For some reason, I haven't been able to make the voltage level converge - it just drop linearly. By doing some attempts with varied initial potential, It seems to me that the convergence potential lies somewhere between -500 and -1000 V (which just doesn't seem reasonable!)

I have tried varying the following to see if they would make any difference, but so far without any success:

  • mesh size
  • size of the plasma sphere
  • particles per cell

Group settings:


  • ITO shade
  • spacecraft default plasma
boundary - boundary default plasma volume - plasma model in volume

plasma settings: ni = ne = 10^6 Ti = Te = 30 eV

You can find more comments, the geometry file and a sample run at:

So.. Does anyone have any idea on how to interpret this, or is there perhaps some crucial parameter that I might have missed or misused?

Kind regards, Torbjörn