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RE : error while initializing the numerical kernel
Hi Gregorio,

this error message is most likely linked to an error/discrepancy in your GMSH CAD model. Please try to ensure that you have no mesh cells inside your original satellite. So, it is important in the GMSH interface when you are defining the simulation volume, that you add the satellite and any part of it as hole in the volume. By doing this you ensure that the interior of the satellite is not meshed. If you have defined the satellite as hole in your volume and still are facing this problem it can be the case that your satellite model is not closed. Can be the case if you have not defined all surfaces on the satellite (can easily happen for complicated models). Another reason is that some of the satellite surfaces have no physical group assigned.

Especially for the last two problems it can be time consuming to identify the source of the error, unfortunately.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your sims.

Greetings Christian

posted by Christian Imhof at Jan 24, 2017 3:13 PM