Critical bug in the internal circuit solver in SPIS-CORE 4.3.1 release

Id : 240
Type : BUG
Reporter : julien
Assignee :
LibreSource Entreprise Edition
Priority : CRITICAL
Creation Date : 02 May 11 02:58
Last Update Date : 02 May 11 02:58
Resolution : Fixed
Critical bug in the internal circuit solver in SPIS-CORE 4.3.1 release
A critical bug has been found in the internal circuit solver method in the last release of SPIS (4.3.1). This impact all platforms and only the SPIS-CORE 4.3.1 release.

The follwing patch should be imperativelly applied to solve this problem: ! patchSpisNUM_110421_zip !

This zip file should be unzipped at the SPIS-NUM root directory, which is at the following path $SPIS_ROOT/SpisNum.

This path performs the following corrective:

Corrective and ameliorative patch to SPIS.4.3.1:
  1. Bug found on Windows (version of 03/02/2011) and Linux 32 bits (version of 31/01/2011) packaging of SPIS.4.3.1. The spacecraft circuit solver version used in these 2 packages may lead to some differences with results obtained with other packages, and sometimes errors. We recommend:
- either to change the line 163 of SpisNum/src/spis/Solver/Circuit/ into: MethSolv = 1; and to recompile the sources.

- either to use the patchSpisNUM.110421 : make a backup archive of your ../SpisROOT/SpisNum/src and spis.jar then delete these files and dezip the patch at ../SPISRoot/SpisNUM/ directory).

This patch also performs the following ameliorative actions:

2. Debug of external boundary condition initialization (1/r) law

3. Debug for monitoring purpose

4. Bug correction on initialization of BacktrackingBoltzmannCompositeVolDistrib

5. CompositeVolDistrib set compatible with non-linear Poisson solver

6. Extension of trajectory plotting capabilities for PIC distributions. Please add the global parameter particleTrajectoriesStartTime (unit: [s], type : float) to your projects in order to start trajectories after this time.

7. Max multiplication factor of 2 for the s/c time step variation

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