Circuit.txt localisation and initial value

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Creation Date : 04 May 05 11:51
Last Update Date : 04 May 05 11:51
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Circuit.txt localisation and initial value
With the last version of SPIS (ticket 5887), the circuit.txt file is located in two places : in SpisNum and in SpisUI/DefaultValues, but only the last one is read… the first one should be removed to prevent misleading the user. Another thing is that this circuit.txt file is initialized with default values that does not correspond to most of the user needs… Instead, it happenned to me to run a simulation and to discover afterwards that the potential of my electric node 1 was set to -500V… annoying. Would it be possible to let the file empty, or with a value like "V 0 1 0.0" for example, again to prevent the user that doesn't need the internal circuit to have a bad simulation ?

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comment by julien - 04 May 05 11:51 PM This is done, the file in SpisUI has benne removed.

The choice has bee done to offer the possibilty to perform a complete simulation without any modification in the settings, just "to see". The unrealisic input values has been choosen in order to underline the fact that this only values by default.

comment by julien - 04 May 05 11:51 PM Partially fixed. The official position of the file is now SpisUI/DefaultsValues/ folder.
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