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This database contains information on spacecraft charging events identified during the operation of the Freja satellite.

The first version of this database was created by IRF-Uppsala and FMI under an ESA Contract ( contract number 1974/96/NL/JG(SC)). This version is an upgrade performed by ESA-ESTEC at the TOS-EMA Section.

The authorisation to use this data for any further analysis or publications is subject to the IRF agreement. Please contact Jan-Erik Wahlund for details.

The Freja Satellite programme was funded by the Swedish National Space Board, the German Space Agency, the Swedish Research Council, the Wallemberg Foundation, Nordbanken and Sparbanken. This work as been supported by ESA and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF). The database is hosted by the Finish Meterogical Institute (FMI).

Jan-Erik WahlundIRF-U
Tobias CarozziIRF-U
Lars WedinIRF-U
Stephane GueganESA
Alain HilgersESA
Ari ViljanenFMI

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